The One Specimen Squidge-itz

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Specimen Squidge-itz

These are an absolute revelation, without doubt "THE" best soft hooker on the market today! Squeeze them, then release and they return to shape.

These incredible hook baits were first developed and tested in 2019 and are now establishing themselves as the No1 durable hookbait on the market. This incredible hookbait took time and effort to perfect but we now have the ultimate hooker. 

These squidgy hookbaits can even be sliced and diced to any size. Available in flavours Meaty, Katsu Krill and The One, all infused with amino feed triggers helping to draw fish into your swim.

  • Hook, spike or band them
  • infused with Amino feed triggers
  • Durable and retains shape
  • Natural, edible food source
  • Fish, Fishery and Environmentally friendly

Available in two ranges;

  • Match & Coarse in size 8x10mm with four flavours
  • New for 2021 Specimen range 14x10mm in three flavours

Totally natural and infused with our secret Amino formula this will catch you more fish!

Once tried there's no going back to any other hooker!