Flavoured Sticky Method powder

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From the "Additions" range, a ground breaking product release developed by Evolved baits - flavoured sticky method powder for pellets.

  • Sticky method powder
  • Bind and flavour Fishery pellets
  • Add direct to your chosen pellet
  • Includes measuring spoon

Following the huge success of our sticky method pellets, reviewed by Angling Times as the best on the market we have decided to release the secret formula in a powder form to allow Anglers fishing venues where only fishery pellets are allowed, the opportunity of adding a flavoured powder that binds the pellets as required by adding direct to your dry pellets.

For pellets simply sprinkle the powder onto your pellets via the supplied spoon then either lightly spray using an atomiser or wet your hand and mix (see the video) 

For wet particles simply sprinkle and mix until the required bind is achieved.

Recommended dosage; Use 1-2 spoons per kilo of pellet

Available in four flavours - Amino, Sweet fishmeal, Scopex and Chilli