Spicy Sausage Intense Flavour

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Spicy Sausage intense liquid.

This is a super concentrated exclusive Smokey sausage flavour that will hold fish in your swim longer than its competitors. Its intense attractants and stimulants will make any hook bait irresistible. Its incredible scent is used by hunters in Europe to attract wild Boar from several kilometres away such is its strength!

  • Concentrated and exclusive formula
  • Fantastic for Carp and Barbel
  • Makes a great dip for any hook bait.
  • Use to infuses particles and boilies.  

 This brilliant liquid additive can be used to infuse particles and boilies and perfect to soak hookbaits in. 

This additive is in the form of a concentrated liquid and available in 100ml session bottles and 1ltr containers.