Mulberry & Scopex Pop-Up

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When Scopex was first developed it changed the carp bait scene forever! The incredibly sweet, buttery and creamy tones drive carp crazy. But to take things that little bit further, we have added a unique Mulberry attractor which not only brings a different combination of sweet tones, but it also helps to naturally round the bait off.

The Pop-ups are infused with a number of exclusive and exceptional essential oils and powerful attractants which offer both instant leakage and sustained pulling power, helping to draw carp from a great distance.

As with all our pop-ups, these hookbaits are highly buoyant making them excellent for use with all modern carp rigs such as the Ronnie rig, multi rig, Chod or Snowman rigs. They are the perfect alternative hookbait when fishing over beds of boilies, spod mixes, PVA bags or simply as a single hookbait.

Aimed at those anglers looking to break free of the traditional fishmeal or nut bait, this unique creamy, buttery and fruity bait is a real winner, a flavour combination that has been quietly tearing waters apart in Europe.

Made using a special, super concentrated blend of CE certified, natural attractants, palatants, and essential oils, combined with a high leakage base mix sees the swim instantly flooded with flavour and taste. Mulberry & Scopex is here to stay and is becoming the boilie for the angler who is looking to do things their way!

Developed in partnership with Europe's leading boilie manufacturer OnFish, using the high tech steaming facility, we steam cook the boilies, rather than the traditional boiling process.  

The main advantage of steaming is that it allows all of the bait’s nutrients, essential oils, attractants and flavours, many of which are EXCLUSIVE to Evolved Baits, to remain locked inside the boilie, rather than ‘boiled out’ during the more traditional cooking process. 

Key points include - 

  • Available in 15mm
  • Steamed NOT boiled for ultimate freshness and attraction
  • Unique formulas, developed by the Evolved Baits’ team
  • Colourfast and flavour packed
  • CE Certified
  • Premium, natural ingredients
  • Long shelf life and in resealable bags
  • Fish, fishery and environmentally friendly

Supplied in 1kg resealable stay fresh UV protective bags