Method Mix

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New for 2021 our fantastic purpose designed Method Mix

After much testing we have produced a superior quality Method feeder mix. Designed to easily slide from the feeder once it reached the bottom, this ground pellet based mix in a rich brown colour is sure to be a winner this year.

Made using only natural, high-quality, CE Certified ingredients. Our groundbaits are without exception the finest quality available in the UK. We NEVER use inferior poor quality or illegal bulking agents and ingredients.

Manufactured using only premium ingredients ensures the entire range is extremely easy to mix without the need to riddle and remove waste bulking materials, making it user friendly and highly effective!

Our manufacturing process for dying and flavouring our products over a five day process ensures the range remain colour and flavour fast, once submerged in water. In laymans terms, our  Betaine Green remains green and our Canal Black remains black, regardless of the length of time it is at the bottom of the lake, river, canal or drain!

Key points include-

  • Manufactured using active amino powders
  • EXCLUSIVE formulas and key ingredients
  • Colourfast and flavour packed
  • Fully CE Certified 
  • Premium quality ingredients
  • Excellent 1.7 ‘swell rate’ from dry to wet mixed
  • Mixes with ease, no need to riddle!
  • Entirely free from cheap bulking agents

Step 1: Empty required amount into mixing bowl or bucket.
Step 2: Add water slowly whilst mixing vigorously with hand or whisk until required consistency is reached.
Step 3: Allow to rest for a few minutes.
Step 4: Add more water and mix again if required and your ready to go.

Supplied in a 900g recyclable bag