Maggot Glue (Arabic glue)

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Maggot & Pellet Binder (Arabic Glue)

This is a 100% natural product designed to bind maggots together for accurate or distance feeding. This is the highest grade Arabic glue available anywhere.

  • Highest grade Arabic glue
  • Gives the ability to feed maggot a distance
  • Binds Maggots and Pinkies and Pellets
  • Easy to use

Clean your maggots using the maggot conditioner, riddle of the cleaner and sprinkle the binder over your maggots. Then simply wet your hand, shake off the excess and rub through your bait, within a few minutes you will be able to roll the maggots into a ball and catapult out.

Gives you the ability to feed maggots accurately at distance, even with a head wind.


Comes in a 200g screw top container with a measuring spoon.