Maggot Cleaner & Conditioner

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This fantastic and exclusive mineral based product developed by Evolved, cleans and revives maggots. The difference and effect is amazing! Much more effective than Maize flour or Turmeric for cleaning and decreasing and unlike maize flour, it does not clump or heat up, which can make the maggot race, shrink and turn to caster quicker. 

By completely cleaning your bait it allows it to breath easier and become more active without heating up and it will sink quicker in deep or flowing water.

  • Decreases and cleans Maggots, Pinkies and Squatts
  • Does not clump up
  • Does not heat up
  • Revives old poor condition bait

It completely removes greasy oils from the bait ensuring the bait sinks quickly in the water and prepares maggots prior to applying sticky mag. Even frothing sweating or half dead maggots can be revived with this product.

Supplied in a handy tub with measuring spoon, apply 1-2 spoons of powder per pint of bait.

Try it you will be impressed!