Long life Amino Sweetcorn - Strawberry

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A new product to the market taking Sweetcorn to the next level!

Strawberry sweetcorn infused with amino feed triggers

Not all sweetcorn is produced or preserved the same way, some are tough and poor for hooking, chemically preserved corn is not good for the fish, fishery or environment. Until now no one has considered "quality without compromise" when talking "Sweetcorn""

This high quality long-life sweetcorn is infused with amino liquid feed triggers and preserved, so it can be used again and again once the tub is opened. Unlike sweetcorn in tins once the Amino Corn is opened it will last for months, making this the perfect hookbait.

  • Infused with Amino feed triggers
  • Can be reused once opened
  • Produced using CE certified GMO free corn
  • Fish, Fishery and Environmentally friendly 

Comes in a resealable, recyclable screw top jar.