Cooked Chilli Hemp

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Chilli hemp soaked in spicy chilli extract and chilli flakes, giving off a spicy aromatic cloud within the water column. Hemp seed has to be one of the best attractants out there, it will keep fish grubbing around your swim for hours. It contains starch, oils, vitamins, proteins and sugars.

Cooked and soaked in their own juices giving off maximum attraction when used. Ready prepared with a long shelf life so no need to freeze.
  • Cooked in their own juices
  • Long shelve life
  • Freezable 
Our preserved particles are pasturised to keep them in tip top condition from the moment they are cooked to opening the bag. Using additional food grade preserves with no odour our cooked particles will remain fresh within the bag for several months. We recommend using the bait within a week once opened or reseal the bag and freeze to preserve longer.