River & Drain - Ground bait

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This is without doubt one of the best performing ground baits in the UK, instrumental in breaking two river records on the old Nene and river Don and key to multiple match wins across the UK.
Formulated in conjunction with respected Drennan match star Steve Winters.

Containing key aminos, crushed hemp, quality Belgian crumb, protein rich soya and key additives with a unique chocolate aroma. The mix binds well and can be used to feed by hand or used through the feeder.
  • Includes active amino powders
  • Colour fast and flavour packed
  • Perfect for Roach and Skimmers
  • Excellent 1.7 swell rate from dry to wet mixed
  • Mixes with ease, no need to riddle
  • Suitable for feeder fishing, cupping or feeding by hand
Our exclusive formula ground baits include active amino powders to induce fish to feed. Combined with 100% natural high quality ingredients, flavours and colorants this is a quality without compromise range of ground bait used by many of the top anglers in the UK.
Step 1: Empty required amount into mixing bowl or bucket.
Step 2: Add water slowly whilst mixing vigorously with hand or whisk until required consistency is reached.
Step 3: Allow to rest for a few minutes.
Step 4: Add more water and mix again if required and your ready to go.