We are delighted to now be back in production and have full stocks of our Groundbait and Amino liquid ranges.
Supply chain issues are now slowly returning to normal and we will therefore have availability across our entire range very soon.

EV Specimen Margin

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This amazing ground bait has been several months in the making, tested extensively. It is packed full of natural ingredients and larger particles such as corn with a high protein level and coarse texture perfect for holding big carp in the margin 
This mix is effective on both commercial and natural venues when targeting big fish or wanting some offer larger particles to hold fish in the swim longer.
Top tip; Add 20% to your bream mix in the warmer months to hold the bigger bream.

Step 1: Empty required amount into mixing bowl or bucket.
Step 2: Add water slowly whilst mixing vigorously with hand or whisk until required consistency is reached.
Step 3: Allow to rest for a few minutes.
Step 4: Add more water and mix again if required and your ready to go.