We are delighted to now be back in production and have full stocks of our Groundbait and Amino liquid ranges.
Supply chain issues are now slowly returning to normal and we will therefore have availability across our entire range very soon.

DT Specimen Barbel Groundbait

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Introducing the Des Taylor Barbel Groundbait.

It is a high oil, particle rich groundbait that is very well binding which is ideal for fast flowing waters. It is designed to get down and stay nailed to the bottom enticing barbel to graze confidently.

This groundbait has a very meaty aroma from one of our amino formulas which has been added to the mix to stimulate barbel into feeding whilst also giving those key aminos that are essential to a fish's diet.

This groundbait can be used for balling, putting through a cage feeder or putting on a method feeder. 

Bait mixing tip:

Tip the required amount of groundbait into your mixing bowl.

Add small amounts of water to the groudbait and thoroughly whisk using your fingers or a drill/ whisk combo then allow to rest.

Add more water if required; until the perfect consistency and texture is created.