Des Taylor Pudding Mix

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Evolved Baits Exclusive Des Taylor Pudding Mix .

The famous Pudding Mix recipe comprises of various sized and flavored pellets to create a food trail down the river bed drawing the fish up to the hook bait. Halibut & Squid, Amino Krill and Premium Amino pellet with crushed hemp and oyster shell combined with a binding agent and our secret formula amino additive powder makes this the winning formula that has resulted in so many great catches this product is now famed for. that needs to be added to water before mixing in with the pellet.


  • Contains Krill, Halibut & Squid and Premium Amino pellets
  • Amino feeding trigger stimulants 
  • Suitable for feeders, hard balls for hitting the bottom, or less compact balls for             partly breaking up on hitting the surface.
  • Multi species attractant 
  • Suitable for Barbel, Chub and Carp 

    To mix simply add the Amino formula powder to the pudding mix or directly into they water you are using to make the mix. Pour the water into your chosen container or the supplied bucket until you can just see the water level then ideally leave for a minimum of 4 hours, preferably overnight to create a perfect mix, give it a stir and mix and you will be able to squeeze into balls or pack into a feeder.

    Top Tip: Des says: “A great booster for helping you catch more fish is to take some of your preferred hook bait and crumble them into the Pudding Mix prior to soaking. It means bits of what you are offering on the hook are in the swim as part of the mix, which helps the fish gain confidence.”

    "A great addition to your hook bait is to use some of the intense Amino liquids which trigger fish to feed and last on the hook bait for several hours, my favorites are the Umami or The One both have resulted in great catches"