Des Taylor Pudding Mix

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Evolved Baits Exclusive Des Taylor Pudding Mix .

The famous "Pudding Mix" featured multiple times in the Angling press, has surpassed the test of time, producing results year on year. The recipe comprises of selected various sized and flavored pellets and additives to create an enticing food trail.  A mixture of high quality Halibut & Squid, Amino Krill and premium Amino pellets are perfectly combined with crushed hemp, toasted red crumb and oyster shell, along with a unique binding agent and our bespoke secret formula amino additive powder to create a very special product. 

To prepare simply add the Amino formula powder to the pudding mix or directly into the mixing water and stir until dissolved. The water is then poured over the dry pellet mix until it is only just covered.

To get the best out of the wetted mix leave for a minimum of four hours or preferably overnight. Once fully soaked, give the mixture a stir to break up the individual particles and your ready to fish!

Squeeze together to make an easy to feed ball of pellet mix or add to a cage feeder

  • Contains Krill, Amino, Halibut & Squid pellets
  • Amino feeding trigger stimulants 
  • Suitable for feeders, hard balls for hitting the bottom, or less compact balls for             partly breaking up on hitting the surface.
  • Multi species attractant 
  • Suitable for Barbel, Chub and Carp
  • Fish, Fishery and Environmentally friendly 

  • Top Tip: Des says: “A great booster for helping you catch more fish is to take some of your preferred hook bait and add a few drops of Amino liquid feed trigger. My choice for Barbel is the "Umami" and in winter or flood conditions the "Garlic" feed trigger.”

    Available with a 5ltr resealable bucket or on its own in 2 kilo bags