Des Taylor Cheesy Chub and Barbel Ground Bait

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A fantastic new addition to the Des Taylor range. Developed with Chub & Barbel in mind especially in flood and winter conditions when a strong scent is required for fish to home in on in coloured water. This mix utilises a pungent Cheese that certainly grabs your attention!

This is a complex protein rich mix using the finest 100% natural ingredients aimed at specimen river fish such as Barbel and Chub. It is high in protein, particle rich ground bait that binds well and contains oyster shell, which is ideal for fast flowing waters. It is designed to get down and stay nailed to the bottom enticing fish to graze confidently. A light red colour this has many of Des’s favourite river ingredients in to make it a great all round specimen River mix.

  • Perfect for Barbel, Chub and Catfish
  • Excellent in flood conditions
  • Includes active amino powders
  • Colour fast and flavour packed
  • Premium quality ingredients
  • Suitable for feeder fishing or fed by hand or catapult
  1. Mixing: Tip the required amount of ground bait into your mixing bowl. add small amounts of water to the ground bait and thoroughly mix using your fingers or a drill and whisk combination then allow to rest.
  2. Add more water if required; until the perfect consistency and texture is created.

This is a new product already getting some great feed back, it certainly worked well when tested prior to release. Let us have your thoughts and catch shots