Crab Extreme Powder Additive

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This brilliant super concentrated Crab additive can be used to infuse your ground bait and particles or sprinkled onto maggots. Primarily developed to target Barbel and Catfish it is effective for many species including Chub.

  • High attractant strong Crab Powder
  • Effective for Chub, Barbel and Catfish
  • Use on Pellets, Particles, Ground bait and Maggots
  • PVA friendly

A strong powder additive made from peeler crab that will hold fish in your swim longer.

This additive is in the form of a concentrated powder and comes in a handy 250g tub with a measuring spoon.

Recommended usage; Add 2-3 measuring spoons per kilo of Ground bait or Particles.

Warning- Its very strong!