Big Cheese Powder Additive

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For adding that "little bit of something different", our Big Cheese powdered additive will help draw fish from a very long distance.

Superb when used to infuse your spod and stick mixes, PVA bags or for coating boilies or pop-ups. Can also be used to add to groundbait or to coat pellets and particles.

  • High attractant strong Cheese Powder
  • Effective for Chub, Barbel, Carp and Catfish
  • Use on Pellets, Particles, Ground bait and Maggots
  • PVA friendly
  • Fish, Fishery and environmentally friendly

This additive is in the form of a concentrated powder and comes in a handy tub with a measuring spoon.

Recommended usage; Add 2-3 measuring spoons per kilo of bait.

Warning- Its strong!