"Squidge-itz" Sinking Amino Dumbell

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"Squidge-itz" Sinking Amino Dumbells 8 x 10mm

These are an absolute revelation, without doubt "THE" best soft hook pellet on the market today! Squeeze them then release and they return to shape.

  • Hook them, spike them, band them, even slice them
  • infused with Amino
  • Durable and retains shape
  • Natural, edible food source
  • Will not come off on the cast

This incredible hooker has taken a lot of time and effort to perfect but we now have the ultimate hooker. This will NOT come off on the cast, we have tested them on multiple venues including the Tidal Trent with great success.

Totally natural and infused with our secret Amino formula this will catch you more fish!

You can slice into slivers, band them, hook them, you can even bounce them on the floor!

Once tried there's no going back to any other hooker!

Available in mixed flouro fruit or natural pellet in 8x10mm