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Des Taylor
Age: 68
Occupation: Professional Angler
Favourite British venue: Upper or Middle River Severn
Best match weight: Italian Match 78lb
Biggest fish: 2000lb – great white shark!
Favourite method: Trotting a float on a river.
Favourite bait: Maggots

Kyle Wilson
Age 33
Occupation Bricklayer.
Favourite venue AJS fisheries girton.
UK PB 60lb common 40lb mirror.
Favourite bait- mixed particals (hemp, tigers, maze chopped boilies).

Mark Fox
To follow.

Lewis Walker
Age: 23
Occupation: Plasterer
Favourite venue: Apex 200 acre pit My best achievement: Fishing a big gravel pit of 200 acres pre baiting and locating carp. This to me makes my fishing really exciting and fills me with confidence. When approaching big waters its vital to find the fish then try and introduce bait on your spots to keep them visiting. By this method, I have caught a lot of fish from the venue to 34lb and some very old original stock too.
Favourite bait: Boilies and where suitable particles to keep the fish active and keep spots clean.

Claudio Terzuolo
To follow.

Danny Wymers
To follow.

Marcus Sheehan
Age: 48
Occupation: Business Owner
Favourite Venue: River Trent & Bawburgh Complex
Biggest Fish: Carp 52lb , Barbel 17lb , Tench 10lb , Bream 13lb , Chub 6lb , Perch 3lb , Roach 2lb
Favourite Bait: Chopped worm Amino Hemp Big River Mix with The One
Angling Goal: To continue to feel like a kid everytime I go fishing!


Steve Winters
Age – 46.
Occupation – National Account Manager.
Sponsors – Drennan International/Evolved Baits.

Angling Achievements:

  • Division 2 National individual winner.
  • Division 1 National Individual Third.
  • 14 National Medals.
  • Fish 4 £5k Champion.
  • Drennan Coors Individual Trent Masters Champion.
  • Team and Individual Winter league Winner.
  • Decoy Lakes festival winner.
  • Westwood lakes festival winner.
  • White Acres Drennan Silverfish festival runner up.
  • Numerous Open wins.

Favourite Venue:

  • Natural - Old Nene at March or Burton on Trent.
  • Commercial – Decoy Lakes or Westwood Lakes.

Biggest match weight – 445lb 5oz, Wyatts pool Cob House.

Biggest Fish – 34lb 12oz mirror carp (France).

Favourite method:

  • Natural – Bread punch or Groundbait and pinkie.
  • Commercial – Caster shallow or Distance method feeder.

Sam Brown
Age: 27
Occupation: Production planner
Favourite Venue: Decoy lakes
Best achievement: Various big money final appearances, the dream is to win one!
Biggest catch: 460lb
Favourite bait: Red krill groundbait & Amino pellets

Paul Kozyra
Age 63
Occupation: self employed joiner
Favourite venue: River Swale and any river with enough flow that enables me to use the stick!
Favourite method: Stick and waggler fishing.
Biggest river open match weight 155lb – 12oz of stick caught Chub.
Favourite bait: Amino flavoured Casters.
Achievements: Catching 217lb of Chub on hemp in the 80s.
3x Riverfest finalist with wins on the Tees, Swale and Trent.

Shaun Stockley
To follow.

Matt York
24 years old
Occupation: Angling coach and Dockside Stevedore.
Favourite venue: Messingham Sands - Swan pond.
First adult match win at 11.
3 x Lincolnshire junior county champion, Angling Trust Stillwater Commercial National medal winner 2018.
River Ancholme winter league top overall scorer at the age of 16.
2 top 5 finishes at festivals at Messingham Sands (3rd and 5th) Countless open match wins and framing places at Messingham Sands and Wold View Fishery.
Best match weight - 300lb 1oz - October 4th 2019 - 57 carp caught shallow on the pole - Messingham Sands Swan Pond.
Biggest fish - 18lb common carp.
Favourite bait- Amino Liquid, Unami Flavour.

Jamie Wild
To follow.

Andy Dixon
Age: 56
Occupation: MD
Favourite venue: River Trent & Fen Drains
Greatest achievement: My Daughter!
Best match weight: Most recent 120lb of Bream in the Trent Champs
Biggest fish: Extra large Haddock from Steels fish and chips in Cleethorpes
Favourite bait: Evolved, obviously!
Multiple Festival, League and individual titles (been fishing a long time!)
National team gold and individual medals
Favourite method; Waggler on running water

Keith Clifton
Age: 60
Occupation: Retired part time carer
Favourite venue: Any big bream waters like Southfield
Individual Achievements: Winning the Ancholme Championship & Golden. Rod finalist silver medal in the division 1 National with Lincs County
Team: Sensas Manor Angling
Best match weights: Tidal Trent 69lb
Reservoir/commercial: 356lb
Favourite Venue: Drayton Reservoir
Favourite bait: Naturals, such as maggots, caster, worm and bloodworm coupled with Evolved ground baits.

Danny West
Occupation - General Manager in the food industry
Favourite venue - The River Severn at Bridgenorth
Angling achievements - 9 national medals
Biggest fish - 38lb 8oz cod
Favourite bait – Squatt

Stuart Eaton
Age - 32
Occupation: HGV Driver
Favourite Venue: Orchard Lakes
Biggest Match Weight: 290lb
Biggest Achievements: 3 hour Lake record at Orchard Lakes 187lb and Angling For Heroes Festival Winner 2018
Favourite Bait: Paste

Darren Hudson
Age: 39
Occupation: Aerospace
Favourite venue: Manor Farm Leisure
Biggest match weight: 242lb
Favourite Method: Shallow Fishing
Favourite bait: Pellets

Neil Rudd
Age: 58
Occupation: Construction site manager
Favourite venue: Oaks Lakes Sessay
Angling achievement: Every match, weather finishing first or last
Best Match Catch: 247 lbs
Biggest Fish: Pole caught mirror 22.4 lbs
Favourite Bait: Evolved Green Betaine Groundbait

Graham Didcote
Age 49
Occupation: Electrical safety test engineer
Favourite venue: River Wye
Angling Achievements: Riverfest final 2015 2nd overall Wye Team Championship
Most memorable fish: 12lb 5oz barbel from the Wye

Favourite bait:

Kevin Millard
Age. 38
Occupation. Aircraft fitter
Favourite venue. Bristol Avon at Lacock
Best angling achievement. Qualifying for several Evesham festival finals.
2018 Riverfest finalist
Best match weight. 240lbs
Biggest fish. 160 pound Arapaima
Favourite baits. Hemp and caster

Ben Dutton
Age - 30 years old
Occupation - Assistant manager of Nathan’s of Nottingham tackle shop (was Gerry’s until recent take over).
Favourite venue - Hacketts Lake & Hayfield lakes
Biggest Weight - 286lb at Janson fishery
Biggest fish - 18lb 6oz
Favourite bait - Double worm over groundbait down the edge

John Turner
Age 63
Occupation: Sound Engineer
Favourite venue: Fleets Dam-Barnsley
Proudest achievement: Getting a call off Richard Clegg in 1983 to fish for mighty Barnsley Blacks
Best match weight: 148.570kg Vollendam-Holland
My biggest fish: A 21lb 4oz pike whilst waggler fishing for roach

Terry Trueman
Age: 54
Occupation: Chef
Favourite Venue: Any river
Angling Achievement: Riverfest finalist 2018 and 2019. Perry Dalgarno Memorial winner 2012
Biggest fish: Lake Carp 25lb river 12lb+ Barbel on the stick float
Favourite Bait: Red maggot

John Small
To follow.

Jason Lowe
To follow.

Francesco Corrente
To follow.


Leigh Harrison
Age: 48
Occupation: Property Landlord
Favourite venue: River Trent & East Stoke.
First fish ever caught: Mackerel, Brixham , Great Uncle’s trawler,1974.
Best match weight: 74lb 3ozs, Winner of the Morgan Sullivan memorial match 2018.
Biggest fish ever: Red Snapper 18lb, Auckland Harbour, NZ, 2001.
Best UK fish: Barbel 13lb 6ozs, West Hillsborough, Warwickshire Avon,2018.
Favourite fish to catch: Barbel and Tench.
Favourite bait: Amino hemp, amino meat & casters.

Steve Chatfield
Age 68
Occupation: Retired
Favourite Venue: Any River or Lake
Angling Achievement: Too many to list
Angling Goal: To pass on any hints and tips that have been collected over many years in Angling

Claudio Terzuolo
To follow.