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Andy Dixon is the driving force behind the development of the Evolved Baits brand and formulation of innovative products with many years of experience as an accomplished angler.

Andy, who loves match fishing on rivers such as the Trent, said: “Fish and fishing have always been a part of my life, from being a child when my father owned aquatic centres where I worked, specialising in importing Japanese koi carp, through to match fishing, which I have always loved.

“To have the opportunity as an angler to develop quality, effective baits, using only pure ingredients, is a dream come true. What angler would not want to create and produce bait that is not only effective in terms of catch rate but also good for the fish and their environment. This is all down to the utilisation of quality ingredients, combined with essential amino elements.”

“It is a truly exciting opportunity because it is like being handed a blank canvas, where I am allowed to create groundbaits, additives and bait flavourings which may have been based on previously used ingredients but with little tweaks and improvements and enhancements to create better bait.

“The range we sell is already finding favour and drawing positive responses and comments from anglers whose opinions we trust, and we will continue to strive to bring the British angling public better quality baits at the right prices.”


Evolved Baits is serious about quality bait and to that end has enlisted several key anglers whose brief is help develop new ranges to cover all sectors, from pleasure fishing through to specialist anglers and carp fishing and barbel fishing in particular.

Among the key signings is well known all-rounder Des Taylor, who has a weekly Facebook Friday night hour-long fishing blog on his Des Taylor Angling page, and is a columnist in Angling Times.


Des said:  “The birth of Evolved Baits marks an exciting period for me. As an all-rounder who catches anything from dace to the biggest fish it is great to be involved in the development and creation of better baits for anglers. Anyone, from beginners through to highly accomplished anglers can benefit from using Evolved Baits.

“What particularly impresses me is the proactive attitude of Evolved Baits. It is a company run by anglers for anglers and Andy Dixon has a truly progressive attitude to creating better baits.”

"Over the years I have formulated a few mixes to catch specimen fish and it is great that Evolved have given me the opportunity to work alongside and put together a small range of products that will help put more fish in your landing net."

"These are all baits that have caught me specimen fish and quickly for I know the average guy there has not got weeks to spend on the bank waiting for a take."



We hope you enjoy our range of bait, tight lines!

Andy Dixon 


email: production@evolvedbaits.co.uk


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