We are delighted to now be back in production and have full stocks of our Groundbait and Amino liquid ranges.
Supply chain issues are now slowly returning to normal and we will therefore have availability across our entire range very soon.

Pellets & Hookers

Our pellet and hooker range incorporate key amino solutions infused in the pellets which are a proven fish stimulant and leave a long lasting scent trail.

Our range includes the ever popular Amino pellet, Halibut & Squid, Krill, Liver, Bloodworm, Robin red and two big river mixes including the Famous Des Taylot Pudding mix.

Evolved extruded HTST pellets are exclusive to Evolved, GMO free and fully certified. A premium pellet ensuring maximum growth and health benefits to the fish.

The certified pellet ensures we are only introducing a quality food source into our waterways and fisheries that has no detriment to our environment. 

To compliment this range we also offer Sticky Method Powder in multiple flavours to add to any pellet, simply sprinkle and go and a range of glugs and liquids to enhance your hook baits., 


Evolve... Catch more fish!


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