Amino Sticky Method Pellet

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The Amino Pellet range has been developed to maximise attraction, infused with our exclusive Amino formula.

These pellets are designed to stimulate fish into feeding. Our exclusive amino formula is packed full of nucleotides, amino acids, essential oils and high stimulation feeding triggers, giving a long-lasting scent trail in the water and drawing fish onto your pellets.

  • Easy to prepare, ready 2-3 minutes
  • Packed with Amino stimulants
  • Uniform shape and consistency
  • Slow breakdown, will not go to mush

The Amino Sticky Method Pellets are one of the easiest pellets on the market to prepare . Simply empty the required quantity of pellets for your session into a bait tub or bait bowl and using your hands lightly sprinkle water onto the pellets and give them a mix. You should straight away start to feel the pellets beginning to bind, let them stand for 2-3 minutes and they're ready to go.

Alternatively use the Evolved Air flow mesh baskets to quickly dunk the pellets, stir and leave for a minute or two and your ready to go. If you require a stickier mix just wet a little more until you achieve your required bind.

Available in 2mm and 4mm in 900g and 5kg bulk bags