Match Fishing Pellets

A range of premium quality pellets suited for Match fishing

These Pellets are unique and exclusive to Evolved, they are fast becoming the top brand pellet in the UK . Superior in quality, our range of pellets have been designed to take on natural flavours and colorants with ease, without turning to mush or breaking down too quickly once in the water.  

Our exclusive formula pellets include our renowned Amino pellet along with Halibut & Squid, Krill, Pudding mix, Big River and Sticky method pellet.


  • Packed with Amino stimulants
  • Colour fast and deep scented
  • Uniform shape and consistency
  • Superior quality

     The process used to flavour and colour the pellets ensures they retain flavors throughout the pellet and remain colour fast unlike other low quality pellets on the market. We only use natural certified colourants and flavours, applied over a five-day process resulting in a colour fast deep scented pellet. The pellet contains premium fish meal, quality soya and animal protein (poultry only) natural colourants and flavours. GMO free and fully certified.

    These pellets are designed to stimulate fish into feeding. Our exclusive amino formula is packed full of nucleotides, amino acids, essential oils and high stimulation feeding triggers, giving a long-lasting scent trail in the water and drawing fish onto your pellets.

    Amino acids are what fish crave and need in their day-to-day diet. Known as the building blocks of proteins which aid fish to repair damaged tissue and aid muscle growth.

    Our exclusive amino formula is packed with vital amino acids that fish may find hard to get in their diet especially on man made commercials and during the different seasons and natural food source availability.

    To compliment this range we also offer Sticky Method Powder in various flavours to add to any pellet. Simply sprinkle onto the pellets, dampen and your ready to go.

    Evolve... Catch more fish!

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