Cooked & pasturised Hot Pepper (Chilli) Hemp

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Chilli hemp soaked in spicy chilli extract and chilli flakes, giving off a spicy aromatic cloud within the water column.

Fish of all species love grazing over beds of particles. Our range of cooked particles are perfect for holding fish of all sizes in your swim for hours on end!

Our pasteurising cooking process ensures that all our ready-made particles retain their natural oils, flavours, tastes and stimulants, resulting in maximum attraction and fish pulling power.

With a long shelf-life, in a resealable bag, all these products are fish, fishery and environmentally friendly.

All our particles are pasteurised, making them naturally preserved and ensuring that all our range are perfect every time! 

Why not try adding one of our incredible Amino Liquids or Intense Flavoured Glug to instantly take your particles to the next level and beyond.  

Key points include –

  • Cooked in their own juices
  • Pasteurised for freshness
  • EXCLUSIVE formula
  • Resealable bag
  • Fish, fishery and environmentally friendly