Amino Krill Boilie 15mm & 20mm

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The original  Amino Krill Boilie developed in partnership with Onfish, Europes leading boilie manufacturer.

A quality boilie made with quality ingredients using a unique steaming process to retain all the key elements and not boil them out!  Beware cheap imitations! 

Amino Krill Shelf Life Boilie available in 15 & 20mm

 An established and ever successful Boilie which has accounted for huge success among both Barbel and Carp Anglers for many years. The boosting of additional aminos takes this tried and tested favourite to a new level.

Krill is regarded as one of the greatest natural flavours to stimulate fish into a feeding frenzy, it is without doubt one of natures most nutritional micro-organisms.

A quality base mix incorporating pure krill, birdfood, spices, egg white, flours, seeds and special amino formula.

  • 100% natural colourants, flavours and ingredients
  • Includes key amino solution
  • Premium quality ingredients
  • Excellent texture
  • Perfect for Carp, Barbel and Catfish

Using an advanced steaming process, cooking is controlled ensuring and all nutrients and substances used for attracting carp remain inside the boilie during the cooking process. The steam process out performs traditional boiling methods where many of the nutrients and flavours are lost during the boiling process.

Available in 1kg bags in 15 or 20mm sizes with multiple discount breaks for quantities of 12kg or more