Cheese & Garlic - Big fish formula

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Both Cheese and Garlic are truly classic big fish attractors in their own right, Garlic being particularly effective in the winter and in flood conditions. So, when you put these two flavours together, you really have something very special.

A beautifully sticky and viscous liquid infused with our unique and bespoke Cheese and Garlic formula.

Packed with essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals and incredible feed triggers and stimulants, its the perfect liquid for a host of applications.

Ideal for soaking boilies or pop-ups, it is also excellent when added to spod mixes, stick mixes, pellet combos (as it greatly extends their breakdown rate) or injecting into silo PVA bags, producing an instant burst of attraction in the swim whilst retaining a sustained flavour trail for hours.

  • Concentrated viscous formula
  • Multi species attractant
  • Makes a great dip for any hook bait.
  • Use to infuses particles and pellets. 
  • PVA friendly 

Comes in a 500ml UV protective bottle to ensure product longevity and effectiveness.