Liquid Attractants

Liquids give you an edge as they allow you to flood your swim with flavour, attractants and essential feeding triggers.

Our range of intensely flavoured liquids, bait boosters and feed stimulants are made using the finest quality, 100% natural and CE Certified ingredients which are fish, fishery and environmentally friendly.

Our liquids are packed full of nucleotides, amino acids, feed stimulants and essential oils giving a long-lasting scent trail and helping to draw fish in from a great distance. These are superior quality viscus liquids, NOT diluted or flavoured water.

Available in a number of fantastic flavours, feed triggers, gloops and oils containing multiple species specific elements within each blend. With multiple applications from adding to Groundbaits, pellets and spod mixes to coating particles, boilies and pop-ups, even adding to live baits, the options are endless.

Our entire liquid range contains all the ingredients required to stimulate a fish to feed, even in sub-zero temperatures, ensuring stunning results, every time!

Incredible! - is the term we hear so often when anglers have used Evolved Baits’ EXCLUSIVE Amino liquid formulas…

 Key points include –

  • Intense flavours
  • Ultimate feeding triggers
  • Fully CE Certified 
  • Effective in all temperatures
  • Multiple bait applications
  • EXCLUSIVE formulas
  • Fish, fishery and environmentally friendly

Supplied in black UV protective bottles to ensure longevity and effectiveness.

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