Six Simple Steps To Creating A Devastating Barbel Bait

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Des Taylor has finally lifted the lid on the brilliant Barbel ‘Pudding Mix’ he has created. And you can now buy this fantastic, proven fish catcher exclusively through Evolved Baits.

 So here it is, a simple pictorial guide to making a mix that Des says has been responsible for helping him to bank more than 400 barbel each season for the past five years.


Step 1: Open the lid on your Pudding Mix bucket. Inside you will find the mix of special ingredients and pellets, plus a tub containing a powdered attractant and flavour.



Step 2: Pour the powdered attractant into a two-pint bait tub containing a pint and three-quarters of cold water. Do NOT use hot water or it will go to a mush. Let the powder dissolve.


Step 3: Give the powder and water a thorough mix.


Step 4: Pour the liquid containing the powder over the Pudding Mix and just cover the mix. Do not overfill with liquid. Leave the Pudding Mix to steep for six or seven hours


Step 5: Give the finished pudding mix a thorough stir with your hand, turning the pellets at the bottom to the top and vice versa. It is versatile and in a less compact state can be used in a feeder, can be thrown into the river partly breaking up on the surface, or squeezed firm, will hit the bottom intact.


Step 6: Here’s an example of a firm ball designed to hit bottom before breaking down. Fish a boilie, pellet or meat over this mix with complete confidence.




Top Tip: Des says: “A great booster to helping you catch fish is to take some of your favourite boilies or pellets, or meat, and crumble the baits into the Pudding Mix prior to soaking. It means bits of what you are offering on the hook are in the swim as part of the mix, which helps the fish gain confidence.”


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