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Calling all anglers!

Evolved Baits is ready to supply you with all your bait requirements for the weekend and beyond.

You can walk into the shop right next to where the bait range is made, or you can order from your phone, tablet or computer, using our online ordering service. Easy peasy!

Here at Evolved Baits, we not only manufacture our fantastic range of baits – which includes our superb Amino Pellets, Sticky Method Pellets, a comprehensive range of fishmeal-based and traditional groundbaits, liquid additives, particles – and, brand new, the Des Taylor Barbel Pudding Mix – but we also sell to the public at our shop which is part of our set-up in Lincoln.

Every Friday is tagged ‘Freshly Cooked Friday’ and through the year each Friday we will be offering a rotation of freshly cooked products for £1 per kilo, on a collection only basis.

So if you live locally, why not pop in, have a look a round and see what’s on offer.

Evolved Baits’ owner and matchman Andy Dixon says: “What separates us from other groundbait manufacturers is that we use more quality ingredients per bag of groundbait, we have our own bespoke recipes with ingredients that no one else uses, and we can sell groundbait, boilies, pellets and particles in various quantities and, very importantly, for very keen prices that, in our opinion, blow the competition out of the water.

“For example, let’s say you are planning a trip to Ireland on the hunt for the Emerald Isle’s bream. We sell five kg and 20 kg bags of our excellent and proven bream groundbait, Irish Gold. We also offer brown crumb in bulk quantities for very reasonable prices. It means you save more and get more bait for your money.”

The Evolved Baits shop, within the Evolved Baits unit, is situated at 27 Roman Way, LN6 9UH, Lincoln and is open Mondays to Thursdays 9am to 5pm; Fridays – 9am to 6pm; and on Saturdays 9am to 1pm.

So whether you are a match angler, a pleasure angler or a specialist angler targeting big bream, tench, carp or barbel, the team at Evolved Baits can cater for your needs and save you a considerable amount of your hard earned money.

Remember, these groundbaits and pellets are made by anglers, for anglers.

For loads more information why not visit our website at

Evolved Baits: Unit 27 Roman Way, Lincoln LN6 9UH – Tel: 01522 700669 for more enquiries.


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