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Why We Use Aminos At Evolved Baits

Our Amino formula range has been developed to maximise attraction with some of the finest fish attractors available in their purest form.

Our exclusive Amino formulas are designed to stimulate fish into feeding.

They are packed full of nucleotides, amino acids, essential oils and high stimulation feeding triggers. All giving a long-lasting scent trail in the water and drawing fish onto your bait.

There is evidence that Amino acids are what fish crave and need in their day-to-day diet.

There are so many aspects of what amino acids will do for fish. These are known as the building blocks of proteins and will aid fish in repairing damaged tissue and also making new tissue.

The incredible formula that we use is also packed with other vital Amino acids that fish may find hard to get in their diet during the different seasons.

Personalise your Particles!

We have created some sachets of Amino Cooked Particles and Powdered Additives for you to add on to your orders.

These sachets will enable you to add the extra ingredients to your mixes, create mega mixes packed with flavours and extra particles at a great cost to enhance your bait to a way you prefer.

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New 6Litre Bait Buckets!

Perfect to store your bait and easy to carry to your spot.

Handy to save some bait if you don't use it all in one session.

Buckets available are: Cooked Shelf Life Particles, Raw Particles, Pellets and Groundbait.

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Guaranteed comfort and durability to enhance your fishing experience.

Personalisation available.

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